At Talent we invest in and value our teams by offering a comprehensive benefits package and ongoing incentives.

From trips to visit our colleagues in Sydney to some of Europe’s best beach parties - we know how to celebrate success.

We have weekly spot prizes as well as monthly and annual incentives for all of Talent’s team members.

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Lunch Club

Held every month for all consultants who have hit their monthly target. Finish at midday and head into some of the best local bars and restaurants in town. Lunch Club is an all-inclusive day/night out to celebrate your success - so go crazy. 

Talent Summer

Held once a year - our best performers that year will get whisked away for a trip of a lifetime. Think 5 star hotel, hot sunny climate, VIP treatment all the way.

Previous destinations have included Sydney and Monaco.

Super Lunch Club

Held once every three months - Super Lunch Club is a supercharged version of lunch club. The best performers from every office will gather at an event such as Ascot, England Cricket matches, Football, Rugby - get treated to a great day and night out courtesy of Talent.

Hall of Fame

Held once a year, Talent CEO Jonathan Butterfield will host a VIP night in London for those judged to be Talent's VIPs for the year.

Expect to be wined a dined at one of London's best hotels.

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