To Expect
Week 1
Intro Week
You'll be invited to spend a week with Talent Birmingham, learning everything you need to kick-start your career. During the first week you'll get to know other candidates and key members of the Talent team.
You'll stay in a luxury city centre apartment and have an awesome time.
Week 2
Get Stuck in
Start work at your chosen destination. Meet and work with your colleagues to implement your training and develop your skills and knowledge. The training team will check in with you at regular intervals to ensure that you're settling in OK.
Week 4-12
Benefit from regular scheduled coaching sessions tailored to skills gaps and areas of development relevant to your role.
Week 6

Tracking your activity
We will review your work activity and compare your achievments with your colleages. You will begin to understand what activity creates the best results for you.
Week 7-12

We provide you with refresher training to embed your learning and build your confidence in undertaking these new activities.
Week 12
If you are keen to go for a promotion we will provide you with two days advanced sales techniques training.
Week 13-26
Continued Coaching & Analysis
Continued coaching programme - Our aim is for you to achieve at least five successful placements in your first six months with Talent. We think you should target 5x360 deals to qualify for promotion. 
My Experience
Lily started on the programme in late 2017
I applied for the Talent Excelerator programme because I was looking for something fast-paced where I could train quickly and then launch into a career.
Talent's a really fun place to work and the programme's great, you feel part of the team straight-away.
If you're thinking about applying my advice would be do it! But come prepared because it is hard work, be prepared and throw your all into it.
Lily works in our London office.
Charlie also started on the programme in late 2017
The training revolved around you as a person and what you needed to do to improve rather than being generic. The fact that it is fast paced and streamlined really appealed to me as having spent the last 16 years of my life in education I was keen to stand on my own two feet.
The programme has been a fantastic way of meeting an amazing group of people from a variety of backgrounds. It’s also been a fast learning process which I have enjoyed. It’s also been great to discover that you never have to be anything other than yourself. You can stamp your own personality on how you go about your work and at Talent.
Making my first deal was huge for me. Having been a student for the last three years, it's great to be able to afford things that I have wanted for a long time and go to events that I really haven’t been able to afford.
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